Friday, March 27, 2009

i never believed...

a pregnant lady had to pee THIS much...especially at such an early stage! i'm just now OFFICIALLY done w/trimester #1 and now into trimester #2!!!! yea!!! and i'm feeling 1,000 times better! i actually moved off the couch last weekend and stopped taking my nausea meds and i'm feeling great!! ok, well, good. (but anyone who works a 60 hr work week is tired by friday, right?!) i'm so excited to be in my 2nd trimester!!...but really, i've been waking up at least 3, but usually 4-5 times a night to pee!! and that's after going 2-4 times in the last 30 minutes before i fall asleep.!! and it's all legitimate!! not just, "i think i may have to pee so i'll go anyway," it's the real deal! i almost hate to get in bed and read b/c i have to get out 2 or 3 times before i turn out the light! you know, i'm really starting to get a "pooch" as so many of my friends have pointed out (i'll post that pick soon), but i had no idea that little "pooch" could have so much affect on my bladder!!

sorry for the T.M.I...i've been reading Jenny McCarthy's book, Belly Laughs, and i guess her ability to freely share too much (i call it being honest...and i love it!) is wearing off on me!

Friday, March 20, 2009

here it is...the 1st belly shot!

ok, so i really debated on doing this...but i'm taking them for myself and not eveyone reads my, i thought i'd risk it. my first belly shot....can't really tell yet, but i'm sure the next one will be better :) you know - you can't wait to show, then you can't wait to be back to normal. right now, i'm in the "can't-wait-to-show" stage. and dreading the "is she just putting on a few LB's or is she pregnant?" stage! :) next time i think i'll do black pants and a black top...have a feeling i'll be a little bigger then...and for some reason i think i'll like black and black better. not that anyone else cares! :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2nd doctor's appt

March 2, 2009

today was my 2nd dr's appt. justin came w/me this time b/c we were going to have our first ultrasound! it was really fun! we got to hear the baby's heartbeat (~160) and see our little lima bean...well, the baby is actually the size of fig now. we were originally thinking i was about 11 weeks 6 days now, but the baby actually is only measuring at about 10 weeks 5 days. so, my due date has been pushed back to Sept 24th, 2009. anyway, it was so exciting to see the baby moving around! i really expected to see the baby, but guess i didn't really think the baby was moving so much at this point!! i was surprised! and it was really cool! the doc said we "had a little swimmer on our hands, maybe a little Michael Phelps"...then he turned to me and said "well, not the pot smoking kind, but the swimming kind." funny, cause he's really a short on words, dry kinda man. and i don't think he knows i was a swimmer all my life! told him it would make my dad proud to have a little swimmer!
here's a pic of baby smith...not the greatest quality when you take a picture of a picture!!! :)