Thursday, May 29, 2008


yep, that's what we did on friday night. we babysat our friends kiddo, Ethan! he is SO precious and SO good! get this...he was excited (smiled the whole time) to brush his teeth! now, i'm no expert, but do 1-2 yr olds usually love to brush their teeth?! maybe they do? i just don't know, but you know i was excited that he was excited! really! and you pull a book out and he backs up in front of you so he can sit in your lap to read w/you. it's SO cute! anyway, he was an angel! it was his parents Cat and Chris's 4th anniversary so they got to have a night out! we were happy to do it and even more happy when little Ethan was an angel! :) one day i'll be taking parenting lessons from Cat 'cause apparently she's amazing! to sum it up...he's the kind of kid that makes you want to have one :)

Mandy time!!!

i know, sounds like SO much fun, huh?! well, it is...for me at least. and it was much needed, so i finally got some last weekend. yep, it was Memorial Day weekend and i wanted to stay home. so i did. :) my sweet, sweet hubby went canoeing down the river w/his friends, but i passed. i needed "me" time. it's something i SO cherish! so, i don't really remember what i did, but i had a good time doing not much!

Friday, May 23, 2008

and a happy, happy day

our house...we put it on the market 1 1/2 weeks ago...and we have a contract on it! we're holding our breaths and saying our prayers that it will all go through! we also put a contract on a house we both (amazing that we could agree on the same one) LOVE! so...if all goes as planned, we'll be moving in 1-2 months!!! yippee!!! yeeeehaw!!! but, it's not over 'til the fat lady, i'll get back w/you when all is set and done! wish us luck!

a sad, sad day

so, last week we had a sad, sad day in the Jordan family. you see, my grandfather owns a swim club (2 outdoor pools, 1 indoor, clubhouse, etc...) it's getting old...the section of town has gone downhill in the last few years, so, therefore, the membership at the pool has. however, my grandfather also started the City of Shreveport Swim Team years ago. now my dad is the head coach and has taken over for my grandfather. so the swim team still works out at the swim club and has meets there. anyway, each year the outdoor pools are drained, cleaned, painted and refilled before the summer season. so, my dad had just finished painting and started filling when Shreveport got 6 inches of rain in 2 hours one night. well, when a pool doesn't have enough water and the ground gets A LOT of water, the pressure of the water that's soaking in the ground forces the pool to "pop" up out of the ground... and that happened... yep, the pool popped out of the ground. a sad, sad day. my dad was sick. and he had to deliver the bad news to my grandfather. not a good feeling. i hate to see my daddy sad and devastated, sick (my mom said) to his stomach that he couldn't sleep and waited over 12 hours to break the news to his dad. you see, this is like the heart and soul of my family and now one of the pools is looks like it tilted out of the ground...awful.

Friday, May 16, 2008

T.G.I.F. and our house is for sale!!!

thank goodness!!! i'm so happy the last 2 weeks are over! busy, busy weeks at work! BUT...exciting news...we've put our house on the market!!! any buyers out there?!? :) really, we found a house that we both love (hard to find b/t my husband and me) and we now need to sell our house so we can buy that one :) so...wish us luck on this new adventure!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

E.L.F products!!! cool deal!!

so, i was reading my friend, Cat's blog and found an amazing deal... Apparently e.l.f. cosmetics is being bought by Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's is repackaging the makeup with their logo, so they're trying to get rid of all the product with the e.l.f. label. Everything is $1. I bought 22 items for $17.00. Pretty sweet. If you use the password code CAROLINA, you get $7.50 off of your first order of $15 or more. I heard of E.L.F. from a sweet, sweet lady who works for me and i've been searching for them for a few months (she told me she found them in a Target in Florida), now i've found them (thanks to Cat's blog post - thanks Cat, i borrowed :) some of your post for this) and i'm spreading the love!!!

posted by Cat at 5:52 PM on Apr 19, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

all my exes live in texas...

so, tonight i went out w/my hot hubby to a new restaurant in town. very cool restaurant. we went to see a friend we used to work w/ at outback...she works there now. so, it was very cool, very classy, and trendy inside. my kind of place. oh, and had an executive chef who was the co-owner. the menu looked scruptious. and the presentation even better. but then we saw an old friend who i new through an ex-boyfriend. it was cool...i talked to him and i congratulated him on his marriage and new baby girl. well, then, a bit later, the EX of mine walked by...(yep we were conveniently located near the bathroom) ... the EX who just got engaged ... so i wanted to show my hubby off. he's HOT and he's HOT. so, i felt better. just wanted my ex to see my hubby. but i'm happy for my ex. glad he finally found someone who can put up w/him. :) really, it was weird. is that how it's supposed to be? no, many of my exes, i would definitely talk to and say hi and not be afraid, but this one...well, he was always a little weird. so, that made for a little bit weird of a night. why? not sure...but i do know one thing. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my husband more and more every day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

house hunting

so, we've been house hunting the last few days. funny, because a month or 2 ago, my husband didn't like the idea of buying a new house, but now that it's HIS idea he's all about it. he's been crazy about it for the last few days! crazy, i say! but that's cool...i'm happy he's crazy about it!...cause that means maybe i'll be getting a new house soon! we'll all be praying and keeping our fingers crossed so that we can sell our house (we have a potential buyer at the moment, so...?!?) so...that's that for now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

husbands and sun burns

i love my husband! we just had a great day...not really doing much, but enjoying the day outside and then coming home to a movie, Papa Murphy's pizza, and a cold one. the movie...well, it was not so hot, the pizza was good, and of course a cold one after a great saturday is always good. well, all was well, except for the fact that i got a tad sunburned...yes, i wanted a little sun, but forgetting that i have very fair skin and i need SPF 30 even for a little sun wasn't on the brain today. you'd think since i am rounding the corner to 30 i'd know this by now...but!?! anyway, back to our day...i worked was a good one. then we cleaned a bit inside and outside, went for a walk w/our dog, the power then went out b/c a tree fell on a powerline, so we went for another walk w/Maggie, and then we drove around looking at houses and thinking about where we may want to live next. you see...i'm begging to move, but he isn't i am learning to be patient. and i'm learning that i can't do "what i want" simply because i have to think also about "what he wants." amazing concept! i always think life was so easy when i didn't have to ask anyone or take anyone else's opinion into consideration, but was just me, livin' it by myself. so, even though i have to ask him and discuss things and think about "our financial future" and all, he's TOTALLY worth it :) love him! (but hate my sun burn!)