Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It started with a "thud"

This past weekend was an eventful one...at least in my "mommy" eyes. We had a few "milestones," did some house work, some birthday parties, and just some running around! Needless to say, we didn't make it to everything we planned to make it to, but still I need a weekend from my weekend!

Friday night started off with a thud! Yep, my baby girl climbed out of her crib for the first time...and it will be the last. Thankfully, we had already planned to go buy a twin mattress and start the transition beginning Saturday night! We had been dreading this transition (she's such a good sleeper in the crib at night and we just weren't sure if she was ready!), but after Friday night's fall, it couldn't come quicker!

She was not ready to go to bed Friday night and cried in her crib for a longer amount of time than usual. Justin and I just sat there listening (while watching tv) and waited as usual because she usually quiets down after a little bit and drifts off to sleep. But, I tell you what! The "thud" that came next rocked my little world! I ran (literally) through the house and found her sitting up on her HARDwood floor crying. I really don't think she was any more hurt or upset or scared about crawling out of the crib and falling (ok, maybe a little), than she was with just having to go to bed that night, truthfully, but it scared my heart out of my chest. The crying ended quickly and she spent the next hour or so with us on the couch in my arms and then fell asleep watching TV. Of course, a million worries went through my mind about concussions, etc, but all was well in the end.

my sweet angel after the fall, asleep on the couch
So, after that event, a mattress was the one thing on my mind on Saturday!! But first, we had not one, but two 2 yr old birthday parties to attend! It was a busy start for our Saturday morning. Justin went garage-selling while Ruby Belle and I went for a walk then got ready for the parties. We went to a party for a day care friend first at Gymboree (that was SO much fun for Ruby Belle, we may have to go back for a visit!) and then to another friend's Elmo-themed bash with all the stops including a "jumpy." Believe it or not, it was a little chilly outside, but Ruby Belle had fun! All of that plus a stop by the grocery store by 12:30pm. wheew! (not sure how you do it with 2 or more kids, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!)

Then it was off to work on projects for the house. Justin was busy working outside and running errands and my mom came over and helped (basically she did it all) sand a bed frame down to paint for Ruby Belle, and then we (unsuccessfully) shopped for bedding for Ruby Belle's new bed. The bed was more of an adventure (mostly for Justin and my dad) because we couldn't find bed rails, etc, but after much discussion and running around we worked it out.

We were supposed to go to a friend's house for a cookout, but I was whooped and we were still immersed in house projects by the time it rolled around. Also, I knew I needed to gear up for the night ahead!

Ruby Belle's first night in her "big girl" bed made me question why we were having another baby (only for a minute!). We read and read and read until I was tired of reading. But, she would not tire. Then I tried just laying her down, laying down with her, etc. nothing worked. Justin took over after about an hour and she finally became too tired to keep fighting. She slept in her bed from 9 until about 1:45am. Then it was over. She woke up and ended up in our bed for the rest of the night because she was not having it in hers! So, Sunday, we skipped church for rest and more house projects. My mom and I went on a mission to find "cool new bedding" for the new bed in hopes of getting her excited about sleeping there. We finally succeeded!

Here's her while we're putting on the new bedding! Maybe you can tell through the horrible picture quality of the iPhone, but believe me, she LOVED it!

But, didn't love it enough to make the transition totally smooth!! :-) That night, she went down in about 30 minutes instead of the hour, but somehow managed to end up under the bed in the middle of the night! YES, it was like the scene from the "Wizard of Oz" where they find the witch with her toes hanging out from under the house! I heard her rumble, and cry a bit, then she got really quiet. I was sure she had gone back to sleep, but I still had to check on her!! I wish I had my camera, but I was afraid to wake her! I found her lying on her stomach all the way under the bed (her toes were hanging out), sound asleep!! and if you can't see it in the pic, the bed is pretty low to the ground. I had to pull her out by her feet (I could not let her sleep there!) and put her back in bed. BUT, she really didn't wake up!

In the end, all nights have been fairly smooth...relatively speaking. She takes an hour at least to get down (this is the part that really, really tests my patience - we haven't figured out how to make this happen any better yet) and stays in her bed all night for the most part. She usually wakes up 2-4 times, cries, gets up and then as long as I go lay back down w/her in her bed until she falls asleep, she goes back down easily. We don't have bed rails so there are pillows lining the floor in hopes that she doesn't fall. Not that she would hurt herself badly with a 6 inch fall, but I would rather her not be any more startled. Bed rails would have been a good option, but we just haven't made them happen yet. We'll see how long this transition takes! It's definitely a new one for me!! Can't wait to potty train...that's next (sarcasm should be noted) !!!

All in all, that was a really LONG post!!! Sorry for the novel!! Hope everyone else had a good weekend!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ruby Belle - 1 1/2 yrs old!

So, i never gave an update on Ruby Belle and how wonderful she is at 1 1/2!! (i'm almost 2 months behind). She truly is a blessing to have in our lives and it's amazing that every day is more fun and more fun!

1 1/2 yr stats:
(Justin took her to the doctor since I was out of town and he doesn't remember the measurements)

BUT, basically, she's 25th percentile for height, 10th for weight and 50th for head circumference. She ain't big, that's for sure!
*She has adjusted well to her new home state, city, and now permanent residence!!! (she LOVES the new house and the wood floors! she runs all through the house all day long...i think just to hear her feet pitter-patter)
*loves to play (of course!)
*loves even more to play outside!!!
*loves to run more than walk (she RUNS everywhere she goes! and in circles around the house a lot of days!)
*can say only a handful or 2 of words (that we can understand), but has MANY conversations with lots of inflection, etc. I'm going to make more of an effort to start working with her on really saying words though.
*eats well most days, but well is relative.
-we are down to almost no veggies (the most she gets is the tomato sauce she eats w/lasagna and the ketchup she eats on chicken nuggets! I know, I'm a dietitian - she should eat better, but since she turned about a year old or so, she has been refusing all veggies on most occasions. She ate broccoli the other day and will eat green beans every once in a while. sad, but i count on the ketchup she eats by the spoonful sometimes! it's ridiculous, i know!!!
-she would LOVE to eat the raw carrots I snack on, but I am deathly afraid of her choking on them, so that's a no-go right now!
-loves carbs. Just like her mamma and most women ;-)
-likes most fruit
-supposedly she eats well at school...veggies and all sometimes...?!?! I sure hope so!
-has a new habit of chewing a spitting things back out...especially melons. so, i have a 1 1/2 yr old with an eating disorder!
-likes to feed herself mostly
*Breakfast - 9am (sometimes a snack before day care), Lunch - 11am, Snack 2:30 pm, Dinner 6pm). Weekends may vary!

*still wearing some 12 month clothes...she's not exactly big or tall!
*getting ready to move out of the crib (to make room for Baby Boy!)
*getting ready to potty train!!! (hopefully)
*goes down easily at night and usually sleeps well
*bed time is 8-8:30pm and she is usually up around 7am
*takes 1 nap a day usually (usually 2 hours - give or take)
*just brought the cloth diapers back out again (did not mess w/them during our move and stay w/my brother!)

Here are just a few pics from the spring and Easter!