Thursday, August 14, 2008


so, we went to see Dave Matthews yesterday in OKC. i like them, but Justin LOVES them! i'd call them his favorite band, but he has really been into the Eli Young Band for the last year or so. funny thing is, they aren't much alike, and the Eli Young Band opened for DMB in OKC!!! Eli Young is definitely up and coming, but they got their start on the Texas/Oklahoma "Red Dirt"ish music scene. you know, the one where Cross Canadian Ragweed got their start (yeah, i know most of you don't know them, but they are my FAVORITE!!!). so, my sweet, sweet husband got to see both of his favorite bands in one night! it was fun, but i'm pretty over the concert gig now. i mean, i'm short. and standing in a crowd for hours on end, staring at some guy's back, and watching the lights on the top of the stage isn't my idea of enjoying DMB. really, i could have done that in my car, while traveling somewhere cool and not staring at some guys back wishing my feet didn't ache so bad....
Maybe i'm just getting old!
it was fun, though, really. just kinda sucks when you're short.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

overwhelmed and excited

so, if you've read before, i've been promoted! eek!! yeaaaa!!! um, uh-oh! really, it's been crazy! i'm the new Director of Foodservice at the hospital! my boss decided he didn't love his job anymore and i have been chosen to take his place! well, that's great! but he's also leaving me w/lots to "clean up." to say the least, it's gonna be a challenging next few months! i have just finally hired someone to take my current job as Patient Services Manager. she's fresh out of school, which isn't typical for my job, but i think she'll be great! i am really looking forward to watching her grow! and i think my employees will love her! (they're a hard crowd to please :) so, i hope to get some sleep and some down time in the next few months, but not sure it's gonna happen! i'll take any prayers i can get!