Tuesday, April 29, 2008

reality tv...fun!

why do we love it? why do i love it? well, it's reality tv and we're all hooked! well, let me speak for myself...i'm watching American Idol. i watched the Bachelor last night, and i'm about to watch the Hills. and i wish i could watch America's Next Top Model after that! more...sure, i'll take more. anyway, i gotta go...just thought i'd let you know my guilty pleasure, but now, i'm back to reality t.v. ;)

teeth suck...

ok, i'm just a little ticked cause i gotta get my root canal "re-done." RE-DONE?!? seriously?! why? why? why? not happy. well, ok, i'm getting over it, but i'm still not happy to go under to get my tooth extracted for a pretty penny. so, it's scheduled...June 26th... i will go under to have my tooth extracted. at least it'll be gone so i won't have to worry about it again!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

in-laws and all

yep, that's where i spent my weekend! it was pretty fun...and different! you see, my family is SMALL!! well, really SMALL compared to my husband's. i have 2 aunts, but my husband, well, he has 15 aunts and uncles. so, does that say anything? well, it was his uncle's 75th birthday party this weekend, which meant a weekend in branson with much of the family. what fun was had! i have dreaded these gatherings in the past because i'm somewhat (ha!) introverted and to be around such large numbers of very talkative people is somewhat overwhelming! wears me out, to be exact! so, this was another BIG event! which means much mental preparation for me and much needed "mandy" time when i get back. BUT, you know what! i LOVED it!! had a great time! it's definitely a reminder about how silence is SO golden, but it's also a blessing to see such a great family come together (and get along) for a beautiful celebration! and believe it or not, even a bigger blessing, the Smith family is such a wonderful family of belivers that you can actually feel the love of God surround you! it's amazing! they all love the Lord and are all very excited and vocal about it which is very different than my family. we're just more, um, conservative, quiet, and subdued. LOVE my family, they are just different than my husbands! so, i'm very excited to be a part of such a wonderful, fun, and extensive family!!! i'm sure there will be SO many more stories to come!

Friday, April 25, 2008

mandy's makin's??? what?!

so, just a little FYI...
the title of my blog came from a photo album my mom made me when i was a toddler/kid/whatever...really young! she was quite the artistic one, so she decided to make her own photo album (scrapbooking was not the hit of all parties back then)! she just used a 3 ring binder and decorated the outside w/cute little drawings that she did in paint marker. she titled it "Mandy's Makin's" so in blogging the thought came to my head and i remember how much i loved that album (cause my momma made it!) and still love to look at it to this day! so...that's that.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks to Ryan

so, i owe my blogging begining to a random (sorry, but i don't "really" KNOW you, but i know you) to someone named Ryan. yep, don't know her, but she's inspired me to start this blogging thing. she's the daughter of a remarkable lady who works for me and i feel like i know her through her mom. and i actually think we're a lot alike? so, i'm pretty excited...just hope i'm interesting enough for people to read. i guess i want to just share my life w/anyone who wants to know what's going on and i want to know for myself. you see, i'm getting older, and more forgetful, and more stressed and more forgetful, and occasionally have one to many and then, well, um, forgetful. so! here i am. thanks to Ryan!