Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beckett - 9 months!!

9 months
(no stats yet because I forgot to make his dr appointment until the day he turned 9 months so it will be a few weeks before we get to see the doc!)

...i want to pinch myself.  why now and not a month ago...??  who knows?  It just seems like crazy time that it's been 9 months already!  anyway, so here we are...
  • LOVES to laugh, but it's more of a chuckle (Ruby Belle was a "giggle")
  • LOVES his sister!!  
  • bear crawls like a pro...RARELY puts his knees down! 
  • pulls up on everything
  • so, so busy!!!  
  • trying to talk...lots of "baa, baa, baa, baa" 
  • loves to play in the bath and on our bed - both always make him happy!
  • has 8 teeth!! 
  • eats homemade baby food mostly and drinks 5 bottles of 5oz of breast milk and sometimes 1 bottle of formula
  • I'm pumping 4-6 times a day 
  • wears size 3 diapers and cloth diapers
  • wears size 12 month-18 month clothes
  • sleeping mostly through the night... consistently...finally!!!
Compare this to Ruby Belle - 9 months and it's kinda crazy!!!  shows how kids can be SO different in SO many ways!!!

just a nice Spring day!

 It was just a nice Spring day out last weekend so we decided to head out and play in the back yard a little...until the mosquitoes started getting us!  they are HUGE and RUTHLESS already this year!

Typical "look" from RB

slobbery, wet, and dirty!
Um, I think she looks SO much like some of my toddler pics!!! 

Sweet sweet kids

now, that's a belly laugh!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter weekend was so perfect here in Shreveport!  The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun with the kids and family!!  

Ruby Belle with her Easter basket! 
Beckett enjoying the fun!  (This is only the beginning of what your sister is going to do to you sweet man!)
 Hunting for eggs with Pops! 
 And a little help from Aunt Steph (and baby Tilly)! 
  Beckett and Uncle Ty watching from the sidelines!  
I just loved this one...side shot of my brother and my son...and I LOVE that face that Beckett is making! 
 Bear crawling at it's finest....this boy is on the go! 
 This was most of the looks we got from this girl!!  Serious and determined to find candy.
Each time she would shake the egg and open it and scream, "my can-y!" if there were candy in it or if it happened to be empty then she would just toss it on the ground! She did use a little of her sharing skills after all eggs were found and the loot was determined!  She would open an egg and share the candy or cookies with the rest of us!  
LOVE this little man!! He had so much fun playing in the grass! 
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful day and family to celebrate the resurrection with!  
Hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous Easter!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An early Easter with the Smith's

Justin's parents came in town the first weekend in April for a few days.  Ruby Belle and Beckett both had a blast with them!!  They mostly played, went  to Norton Art Gallery, went to an Easter egg hunt for church, dyed Easter eggs, and jumped on Grandma and Papa's blow up bed! 

Ready to hunt...just can't keep her fingers out of her mouth when people are around!  Nervous habit!  Neither one of my kids ever took a paci or sucked their thumbs so this is what I got, I guess!  

Eating chips after hunting for eggs!

Beckett and Papa! 

Dyeing eggs with Grandma! 

playing on the blow up mattress!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Somehow I've gotten into the habit of cooking every Sunday afternoon.  I dream of napping and catching up on some seriously missed shut eye, but instead I remember how hard it is to sneak a nap in with 2 little ones and I decide to cook instead.  I almost always make some baby food for Beckett for the week (lately it's mac n' cheese with LOTS of veggies added and pureed...YUM-O, right?!), then I usually cook dinner or maybe even 2 if I want to have "leftovers" for the week.  This is as good as it gets around here right now, kids!  Ha!  one day I'll think of maybe cooking during the week!  I think Beckett will require it...he already likes those nasty Gerber "dinners" that consist of turkey and noodles or beef and veggies...barf.  He's a boy!  Already likes his meat and potatoes!  Ruby Belle on the other hand is content with cereal, mac n' cheese, noodles, hard boiled eggs, fruit and sweets of course!  Um...not exactly the poster child for the dietitian mom! 

Anyway, tonight I made this lovely dish.  

I found it on Pinterest (via a repin from Kaity Whitman at the Photo Love Photography, an AH-MAZING photographer!)...but you must check out the blog by Lindsey where the recipe was found!  Such a fun blog!  and great recipes!  This particular dish (Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato Skins) was, in my mind, very fun and scrumptious!  Mine didn't turn out as pretty as the pic, but how often does that happen anyway?  I must learn to cook sweet potatoes better to make "skins" out of.  And there was A LOT of filling that wouldn't fit in the skins left over.  This will make a great dip with chips!  Taste tests results:  My husband thought it was "interesting." And my parents, who made it over just in time (they were dropping off the kids), had mixed results: my mom liked it and took some of the filling home, and my dad wouldn't touch it ("too much green stuff").  In the end, I think most women would like it!  It's a little sweet and a little salty and a little spicy!!!  Perfection!!!

And I also made this salsa!  I should have been making my own salsa from the beginning (I'm a huge fan of On the Border salsa).  SO easy to make!  and tastes SO fresh!  This recipe was also a Pinterest find via  Mountain Mama Cooks.  I haven't checked out their blog much, but have seen a few recipes on Pinterest from there.

So, now a I have a fridge with a little something in it to start the week...It may be chips and dip for dinner for me all week!!!  Fine by me!!