Saturday, November 10, 2012

An old (as in we haven't seen each other in years), dear, sweet sweet friend came in town a few weeks ago, and it was SO SO fun to get to hang out with her for a bit and catch up!!!  We were best friends back in middle school until she moved away and haven't really kept in touch.  Our families have crossed paths over the years, so we've kept up that way, but it was SO much more fun to actually catch up with each other face to face!!  We met once at my house for our kids to play.  Then a few weeks later she came back in town and asked me to help/assist her on a photo shoot!!  She is an AMAZINGLY talented photographer (!!!  This was SO much fun!!!  a family of 4!!! wow!!  Very cool to watch her in action!  Then, she cooked dinner at her aunt's house!!!  (dinner was mostly prepared from Shreveport Organics) and it was spectacular!!!
BUT before dinner my friend snapped a few quick pics of my kiddos!!  These shots were taken in less than 10 minutes...probably closer to 5 minutes!!  AND Beckett was NOT into it (and needed a haircut as you can see in the last 2 pics)! 

I think it's so much fun to see "old" friends!  I hope that we can catch up again and again over the years! 

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